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PRP Treatments: How Your Cells Can Help Restore Your Hair

Inside and out, hair loss reflects your entire well-being, and it can be heartbreaking or at least disturbing to realize your hair is balding or thinning at any age. Hair loss has many different causes, including:

  • Genetics
  • Hormone changes
  • Medications
  • Hair follicle injury due to chemotherapy or traction alopecia
  • Trauma and stress
  • Nutrition

Fortunately, you have various treatment choices, including topical and oral medications, light therapy with the MMSphere, and surgery. In recent years, platelet-rich plasma has been proven to be a successful option for reducing hair loss by supplying the body with natural bioactive growth factors. Ask about optimizing your PRP results with microneedling or laser procedures and home treatments. PRP treatments are part of Dr. Marmur’s Preservation Aging ™ Master Plan. Please discuss during your consultation!

With PRP hair rejuvenation at Marmur Medical, our experts help enhance your appearance and restore your hairline with results you’ll love.

What Is PRP Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

The scientific research and technological advancements of the past two decades have provided us with valuable new insights into how platelets play a crucial role in your body’s ability to heal wounds.

Platelet-rich plasma contains three to five times more platelets than in normal circulating blood. Doctors started testing PRP in the early ‘70s for dental treatments, wound healing, and skin grafting, then expanded it to orthopedic and sports medicine. Most recently, PRP treatments have begun revolutionizing hair rejuvenation procedures.

How Does Hair Rejuvenation Work?

Blood consists of two primary components: red blood cells and plasma. Plasma contains white blood cells and platelets that stimulate hair follicles and prolong the hair cycle’s growth phase.

PRP hair rejuvenation begins by drawing blood from your arm, just like during a routine checkup or blood donation. Then, our experts process the blood in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and inject the PRP into your scalp at the follicular level.

Non-surgical PRP for hair loss has proven effective at:

  • Prompting dormant hair follicles to reactivate and start growing healthy hair
  • Increasing hair count and hair thickness or quality
  • Improving hair growth

Am I a Candidate for PRP for Hair Rejuvenation?

Though most healthy adults experiencing hair loss are good candidates for PRP treatments, patients with more recent hair loss tend to respond better. PRP may prove effective for male and female pattern baldness, or hair thinning that typically occurs along the top of the head due to genetics.

However, PRP treatments may not be appropriate for patients who have thyroid conditions or diseases like lupus. These conditions will continue causing progressive hair loss as time goes on.

Patients on prescription blood thinners may not be ideal candidates because these medications adversely affect platelets. Please refrain from taking ibuprofen, aspirin, or any other elective platelet inhibitor – including some vitamin supplements – at least five days before your procedure.

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