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No one has skin just like yours. It reflects your health, your genes, and the life you’ve lived, and it’s just as unique as you are. And because it’s unique, it needs care that is specific, personalized, and custom-built.

When you visit Marmur Medical for a consultation, we’ll assess your skin’s health and appearance, and talk to you about your concerns and what you would like your treatment to achieve. Then we’ll map out the steps of a treatment plan tailored for your skin and your skin alone.

Marmur Medical offers a full range of dermatologic services, including general dermatology, advanced dermatologic surgery, laser treatments, and injections and fillers. Our staff goes above and beyond to provide you with the best results possible.

“Our goal is to find the simplest, most straightforward solution to your skin’s needs.”


Botox | Dysport | Xeomin

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are each derived from botulinum toxin and are used to treat dynamic wrinkles, which occur as a result of facial muscle movement, such as frowning or squinting. Learn More

Fillers & Injectables

Dr. Marmur is renowned for her skills and artistry using fillers on men and women. At Marmur Medical, we are experts in administering a variety of fillers, and we choose the right one for your unique needs, ensuring that you get the best possible results. Learn More

Eye Rejuvenation

Dr. Marmur specializes in injections under and around the eyes to rejuvenate the dark circles under the eyes and the overall loss of structure to the peri-orbital area, in addition to laser-based treatments. Learn More

Face & Neck Rejuvenation

Thanks to sun exposure, as well as the effects of aging, your neck might need some attention. Through a combination of treatments, Marmur Medical can improve the appearance of pigmentation, redness, horizontal lines, and sagging skin.

Lip Augmentation

Dr. Marmur was selected to be the doctor who injected the model for the international campaign for lip filler for Restylane® Silk. She has been called the best injector of lips by other doctors who frequently observe her techniques. Learn More

Hair Rejuvenation

Hair loss can be the result of many different causes, including genetics, hormonal changes, use of medications, other triggers such as injury to hair follicles through chemotherapy or traction alopecia, and trauma or stress. Learn More

Facial | HydraFacial

From clogged pores to dry, flaky skin, our certified aestheticians can customize the facials to address your skin’s needs. Learn More

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels, also known as chemical resurfacing, are used for the treatment of photoaging (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, pre-cancerous lesions, and discoloration such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma. Learn More

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup has evolved to deliver natural, long-lasting results. Our specialist handpicks customizable dyes to match your skin tone and delicately designs the shape to perfection. Learn More

Accessible and efficient. I feel like I am visiting a brilliant, trusted friend with all of the staff, including Dr Marmur.


Dr. Marmur and her team are very professional and did an outstanding job on my procedure. The recovery and the follow up were perfect.


I have been Dr. Marmur's patient for over 10 years. I send all my friends and family to her. She has excellent judgement, skill and experience.




CoolTone is a noninvasive FDA-cleared body contouring treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Learn More

CoolSculpting | Vanquish

Marmur Medical is a leader in body contouring.  We offer Dual Sculpting–faster and stronger body contouring using two Coolscupting devices and the latest technologies. Vanquish is a great solution to melt away stubborn fat. It is a non-contact and painless device that utilizes radio-frequency to target and heat up fat cells. Learn More


Allura is a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure which not only destroys and removes unwanted fat, but also tightens loose skin in a single procedure. Learn More

diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

The diVA laser vaginal therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment that improves the tone, elasticity, moisture, and function of the vaginal canal by using two types of lasers in one treatment. Learn More

Leg | Hand Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your legs from the outside in. Smoother, slimmer, more attractive legs — let Marmur Medical help you bring back the youthful appearance of your legs, with its multi-phase Total Leg Anti-Aging Makeover. 

Dr. Ellen Marmur is not only a brilliant dermatologist, she is an artist, taking the time to listen, understand and then proceed with her magic. Six stars for this rare doctor.


Excellent care and a kind, attentive staff. Beautiful offices with a lovely atmosphere.


Dr. Marmur is a master. She has the knowledge of a doctor, the creativity of an artist and the attention of your very best friend.



Clear + Brilliant | Fraxel | HALO

Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel is a gentle laser treatment clinically proven to fight the effects aging has on skin, to give you smoother skin with a radiant, youthful glow. Halo Laser Treatment uses hybrid technology of ablative and non-ablative lasers.Learn More

Laser Peels | Deep Laser Resurfacing

Deep laser resurfacing can treat common skin disorders and reduce the signs of aging, treat facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. Learn More


NTRAcel is our micro-needling treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to promote collagen repair. Learn More


Thermage is a non-invasive, radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that can smooth, contour, tighten and renew your skin’s collagen. Learn More

PiQ04 |Q-Switched Nd YAG

This laser emits the types of wavelengths of light that are absorbed by melanin, the pigment in brown- and black-colored lesions. Learn More

IPL | Forever BBL

Nicknamed the “lunchtime laser,” intense pulsed light treatment is virtually painless, with little or no downtime — you can go right back to the office after your treatment. Learn More

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