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Which Facial Treatment is Best for Me?

Facial treatments are a great self-care practice. Everyone wants to look their very best all year round, and we all know that looking your best can help you feel your best. However, knowing which type of facial treatment will offer the best results starts with what your concerns are. Whether you’re looking to refresh the first visible signs of aging or for more dramatic results for deeper lines and wrinkles, our experts can help you determine which facial treatment is best for you.

Refresh Your Skin & Boost Your Youthful Appearance

Everyone wants to look younger, refreshed, and healthier. Ever popular injectable treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin or dermal fillers are easy and effective procedures to help you achieve this goal.

Patients who have experienced dynamic wrinkles, expression lines, and frown lines can benefit from a neurotoxin treatment, like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to calm those signs of aging. These treatments typically take a week or so to relax those lines and reveal healthy, younger-looking skin.

Dermal fillers can also help rejuvenate your appearance by reducing the look of wrinkles and restoring lost volume. Fillers are versatile and can be used in many areas to treat the signs of aging and help you reclaim your healthy, radiant skin.

Fillers can refresh your appearance and:

  • Restore lost volume
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce double chin appearance
  • Define the jawline

Resurface and Restore Your Skin

If your goal is to correct skin damage in an effort to restore your radiant skin, then laser resurfacing treatments are for you! Lasers are an excellent treatment to effectively address uneven skin tone and textural issues, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and other scars, and more. Moreover, these treatments help to create smoother, clearer, and more brilliant skin with minimal downtime.

Marmur Medical offers the following laser treatments:

Get a Chemical Reaction

If chemical peels are more your resurfacing speed, we offer light- and medium-depth peels to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Chemical peels can effectively promote new skin growth and enhance the appearance of your skin. Afterward, our experts will help you formulate a post-peel skincare regimen to maintain your clear, renewed skin.

Deep Clean & Renew

We offer customizable facials, including the popular HydraFacial at Marmur Medical, to help boost your skin’s appearance. HydraFacial is a revolutionary facial that simultaneously suctions clogged  pores and renews dry, flaky skin, while delivering active ingredients to the deeper layers of skin. After a nice deep clean, your skin will look brighter, firmer, and more luminous.

Plump Your Pout

Lip augmentation offers remarkable, yet natural-looking results to finish off your look. Plump, full lips are a hallmark of youthful beauty, so ensure you look and feel your best by scheduling your procedure for lip fillers or a Botox lip flip today.

An Eye for Rejuvenation

The eyes are one of the most noticeable areas to show aging. Drooping eyelids, under eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles can make you look fatigued, uninterested, or even angry. Nonsurgical eye rejuvenation can be achieved through  different procedures to ensure that your eyes look wide awake and refreshed, including:

Rejuvenate That Hair

Nearly any healthy adult experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair rejuvenation with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. Harness your body’s natural healing abilities to help improve your hairline and youthful looking appearance.

The earlier you seek treatment for hair loss, the more effective hair restoration treatments can be.

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