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Walking the Catwalk

Backstage at the Carmen Marc Valvo NYFW show!

Lights, facial. . . and action. Everyone knows that behind a flawless red carpet complexion is great make-up and an even better skin-care regimen. Now, to preface this piece, I’ve been on my surgery rotation for the past two months and life has been a relentless “scrubs and Uggs” sort of deal. Since life has been rather mundane from a fashionista’s point of view, you can only imagine how excited I was to be invited to be a part of Carmen Marc Valvo’s show at New York Fashion Week and the debut of Previse Universal Nutrify Tonic. So let’s begin reliving the experience.

Backstage pass for the win.
Taking a turn on the catwalk.

I come from a background of ballet and music. I remember the hectic, and invigorating backstage environment as if it were yesterday. Imagine a whirlwind of models, fabric, hair and make-up and that pretty much sums up the backstage of the NYFW. It is set up like an assembly line – nails, facial, hair, make-up, clothes. The model’s hair were all styled by celebrity hair stylist and owner of Ted Gibson Salons (, Mr. Ted Gibson himself; and the make-up was done by make-up artiste extraordinaire, Romero Jennings. But probably, most important and most interesting to me was the facial station (being into skin and all).

Ted Gibson perfecting the hair.
All the clothes, all the pretty, pretty clothes.

As it happens, Previse is launching a new creation in their line of all-natural, preservative-free products, the Nutrify Liposomal Tonic (for all skin types). So let’s break this new product down into its components and explore scientifically how this will product will benefit skin-lovers around the globe. First of all, it’s universal. Unlike other products in the line meant for specific Fitzpatrick skin types (a scale used to determine how your skin responds to ultraviolet radiation), this product is designed to work for all skin types 1 through 6, hence universal. Secondly, it uses liposomes to deliver the combination of hydrating and protecting natural extracts. Liposomes are microscopic spheres composed of a lipid (a.k.a. fat) bilayer; because of their composition, they are able to cross cell membranes, which also happen to be lipid bilayers, thus delivering their cosmeceutical contents directly into the skin cell. This technique is far superior to application of a cream, in which the cosmeceutical contents stay on top of the skin rather than penetrating the skin to its deeper layers. Thirdly, the natural and active ingredients of the Nutrify tonic include:

– pichia resveratrol ferment extract and irish moss extract (exfoliates and softens the skin)
– daisy flower extract (lightens and evens skin tone)
– radish root ferment filtrate (an all-natural preservative and alternative to paraben)
– wheat germ extract (contains a high level of a vitamin E and lecithin to help hydrate skin)
– yeast extract (hydrates, promotes new collagen synthesis and reduces hyperpigmentation, who knew?).

Lastly, due to its light-weight formula, the product allows for easy application. In addition to hydrating and softening the skin, the tonic also acts as a barrier for make-up and other facial products that may include more irritating ingredients

“Nutrify” your skin!
(For more Model line-up at the facial station.
information on the product please
Even designer, Carmen Marc Valvo,
could not resist a relaxing Previse
facial backstage at NYFW.

Each model was treated to a facial by the Previse team [including President Sean Patrick Harrington (@sodapooch), Beauty Ambassador and Artistic Technical Director Mara Capps (@marapalumbo) and Spa Director Evette Ramirez] before heading off to make-up and hair. Not only were the models treated to a facial, even the designer himself, Mr. Valvo and his VP of Marketing and Social Media, Matt Carmouche were excited to try the facials. Rave reviews all around!
So now the models are on the catwalk, strutting their stuff. When you think the world of skin can’t get anymore exciting, it always finds a way. From new natural ingredients to walking the runway there is room for innovation, creativity and development, something to strive for in my coming career.

The Previse team.
Dr. Ellen Marmur and Sean Patrick Harrington after the show.

Written by:
Margit Lai Wun Juhász
Mount Sinai Medical Student