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Your Feelings are in Your Face

A patient testimonial by Emily Tepper:

Twice now I have come for treatment with Dr. Marmur and experienced exactly where beauty and wellness intersect. The drooping in my facial tissue was from difficult emotional experiences from my past. The solution I needed was not to process or analyze or feel them anymore, but to remove the frown lines and marks from my face! Every time I looked in the mirror, I would re-experience past painful feelings that were complete and no longer needed to be experienced. Now, I have a very positive and beautiful experience when I look into the mirror because I see my true self and how positive and loving I truly feel after my sessions with Dr. Marmur.

With Dr. Marmur, I received Botox injections and the Restalyne Lyft injections in two different visits. I experienced the real truth of the matter, which is that our feelings are in our faces! Dr. Marmur rewired my muscle memory – so the neurons now send a neutral or positive message to my muscle fibers – and no longer a negative or contracting frown face message. I instantaneously felt so much better! It is a major emotional relief and I look better! It is the same as this ancient truth that “if you just smile you will feel better!” only times 100! Beauty, wellness, and happiness truly do intersect and are the same.

Now, my facial muscles have a new refreshed resting tone. They are smooth, supple and ready to express positive emotions without having to stress or strain over past negative frown lines. It is a miraculous experience and it is real. I call myself Dr. Marmur’s “hippie convert client.” I was so anti facial injections because I used to think it was anti-feminist. Then I realized, I’m not doing it for someone else to think I’m beautiful and “choose me” No ! I am doing this to feel great in my own skin and enjoy the experience of being my best self!

It is really time to get rid of any stigma surrounding injectables as a legitimate form of self care. I know that as a holistic acupuncture practitioner I care very much about self care and about what goes into my body.