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What’s New in Dermatology? Our Providers Share What Has Recently Excited Them In The Field.


Rachel Maiman, MD – Cyspera®

Cyspera® is a novel, hydroquinone-free pigment corrector available through physician offices only and soon to be available at Marmur Medical. It is formulated with cysteamine, a synthesized molecule that delivers powerful antioxidant activity to improve the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation. Cyspera® is effective in treating melasma, as well as discoloration related to sun exposure and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It produces excellent results, particularly when used in combination with in-office procedures like lasers, microneedling and/or chemical peels. Inquire about purchasing when you are next in the office!


Jennifer Schloth, PA – Winlevi®

Winlevi is one of the newest FDA-approved topical medications for acne. It is extremely unique in that it targets hormones in the skin. It is well known that hormonal fluctuations are one of the major causes of acne in adult women and men. A distinguishing feature of this type of acne is that it customarily arises on the lower face and jawline. Previously, we only had oral medications such as oral birth control pills and oral spironolactone to control this type of acne, but Winlevi offers a new excellent topical alternative for hormonal acne to treat both men and women. Ask about it at your next visit!


Ellen Marmur, MD – Nobel prize in medicine

I was thrilled to see that the Nobel prize in medicine in 2021 was about the skin! Sensation is one of the skin’s many sublime functions and is often taken for granted. Touch your finger to your nose. Now close your eyes and do that again. How did your consciousness have the sixth sense to know the location of your finger until it touched your nose? How did your skin know it was your finger touching it rather than a candle, for example? Sensory input like touch, location, pressure, heat, and pain work via signaling pathways from the skin to neurons to the brain.

Two scientists shared the Nobel prize by elucidating the different proteins that play a key role in communicating sensation from the skin to the brain to consciousness. They emphasize that this is the beginning of understanding so many more proteins responsible for our experience through the organ we at Marmur Medical are so obsessed with! I hope the next prize explains the brilliance inherent to the skin’s photobiology and the role of LED visible light in its many functions.