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At Marmur Medical, our focus isn’t just skin deep. After treating thousands of patients in the past ten years, Dr. Ellen Marmur believes that the art of dermatology requires a personalized approach to include all facets of your wellbeing, inside and out, because your skin reflects every aspect of your health and your lifestyle.

For instance, if your complexion has lost radiance, we can enliven it with a new skin care regimen or a gentle peel, but it is also important to take into account factors like your nutrition, exercise level, or how much sleep you are getting. Or, adult acne is effectively treated with prescriptions, but Dr. Marmur believes your stress, diet, or even hectic travel schedule all have a direct effect as well.

To that end, we collaborate with each patient to develop a customized master plan. Dr. Ellen Marmur has personally assembled an A-team of physicians and wellness experts in the fields of varicose veins, homeopathy, nutrition, yoga, and fitness. Dr. Marmur and her colleague Dr. Zvi Zisbrod have created a unique approach to a total leg makeover, from spider veins to excess fat to sun spots. At Marmur Medical, you can come have a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist, attend an educational event about subjects like chemical-free skin care, or even take an anti-aging yoga class. Marmur Medical is not only a serious medical practice and academic research center, but also a place where patients can learn from top professionals how to keep their skin and body healthy and fit.

While we specialize in skin cancer treatment and anti-aging procedures, we also provide medical evaluations and a range of solutions, from annual skin checks for your whole family, to acne or rosacea management, to the best and most natural-looking ways to address wrinkles and sun damage

At Marmur Medical, we strive to offer you health, beauty, and happiness — after all, they are intimately connected to each other. We hope to see you here soon!