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Chemical Peel Benefits for You

At Marmur Medical, we are passionate about your skin’s health. Our expert team performs chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin, refreshing your natural appearance.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels produce controlled injury to the skin that promotes the growth of new skin with an improved appearance. Chemical peels are often used in the treatment of:

  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Pre-cancerous lesions
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma fix spacing
  • Radiance
  • Acne scars

Chemical peels are effective at refreshing and renewing your skin without invasive techniques, and they come in different strengths for different concerns.

During a light to medium peel, chemicals like glycolic acid produce injury confined to the epidermis, the outer layers of the skin, to improve conditions like acne and dyschromia. Deeper peels use chemicals like trichloroacetic acid to produce injury within the inner layer of the skin, or dermis, to improve many issues like scars, acne, actinic keratoses, melasma, moderate to severe photoaging and wrinkles.

Due to their higher risk of complications, Dr. Marmur does not use phenol peels. Instead, she prefers to use medium-depth peels, ensuring her clients receive the highest benefits and the lowest risks. Our team at Marmur Medical has advanced the field of chemical peels using them in combination with lasers like Fraxel, microneedling like Intracel, and with different types of peel formulations simultaneously for a highly personalized outcome.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Each chemical peel is customized to address your skin’s specific needs. Chemical peels are effective options for enhancing the appearance of your skin without lengthy recovery times. We generally recommend you plan to do a series of peels, sometimes alternating types of peels or intermixed with lasers such as IPL or BBL. Always discuss a test spot with chemical peels and read the consent forms before signing so you have time to understand the procedures and the after care with MMSkincare essentials and home devices like the MMSphere.

Other benefits include:

Smooths Skin

Peels may be best known for their unmatched skin-smoothing benefits. By exfoliating damaged outer layers of skin, peels can bring balance to the overall texture of the skin, including making pores look smaller, leaving it smoother and more even-toned.

Treats Acne

Chemical peels exfoliate deeper than typical topical solutions to treat acne, revealing fresh new acne-free layers of skin. Acne is best treated by a series of chemical peels. Our expert team will customize a schedule to keep your skin looking its best.

Reduces Scarring

The appearance of many scars from acne or injuries can be dramatically reduced following a series of chemical peels.

Improves Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Though nothing can stop the aging process, chemical peels can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more youthful-looking appearance.

Treats Hyperpigmentation

Though most hyperpigmentation, like sunspots and melasma, is not harmful, it can affect your confidence. Chemical peels help your skin to look its radiant best by lifting discoloration.

Am I a Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Good candidates for chemical peels are people looking to enhance the appearance or texture of their skin. With chemical peels, you will enjoy refreshed and restored skin. Most candidates have:

  • Generally healthy skin
  • Mild scarring or melasma
  • Superficial wrinkles
  • No known allergies to ingredients in the peels

Marmur Medical—Your Chemical Peel Experts in NYC

Dr. Ellen Marmur and our expert team ADD NAMES OF PROVIDERS AND INCLUDE ALLY TOO continually seek out the newest, most effective skincare treatments and technologies, making Marmur Medical your best choice for chemical peels. When you are ready to enhance the appearance of your skin, New York City’s leader in chemical peels is your best choice. Please be sure to ask about the best MMSkincare routine before and after your chemical peel to optimize your amazing results.

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