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  1. Walking the Catwalk

    Backstage at the Carmen Marc Valvo NYFW show! Lights, facial. . . and action. Everyone knows that behind a flawless red carpet complexion is great make-up and an even better skin-care regimen. Now, to preface this piece, I’ve been on my surgery rotation for the past two months and life has been a relentless “scrubs… Read More

  2. Dr. Marmur’s Anti-Acne Signature Mediterranean Salad

    You are what you eat. So what should you eat if you have acne prone skin? Dr. Ellen Marmur developed a signature Mediterranean salad to help fight back against your acne. Not only is the salad yummy, but it will also… • Give you a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and… Read More

  3. Snails – The Future of Facials

    I may be a little slow on the uptake for this new fad in skin care, but I think I was just in denial. Remember Fear Factor? It was that show in the early 2000s where people had to eat live bugs. To this day, you could not possibly pay me enough money to go… Read More

  4. Faking A Tan

    Even as I sit chained to a desk on the 11th floor of Mount Sinai reading textbooks on pathology and preparing for the test that will “define the rest of my life”, I can’t help noticing the sun is shining, the trees in central park have started leafing, the birds have returned and the children… Read More

  5. Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!

    The journey will begin on July 18, 2014 and we all wish them the best of luck! Please see details below to see how you can help Dr. Ellen Marmur and her team reach their goals. Skin cancer. It’s often swept under the rug due to the prominence of its more famous cousins of breast,… Read More

  6. How to Make a Cosmetic Product

    Recently, I got to participate in the 11th annual Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference (ODAC for short). I’m usually not a big fan of conferences, never really getting anything out of them before, but this was a great experience. Other than enjoying the sun in a city where it is appropriate to wear spring… Read More

  7. The Rise of Male Beautification

    I have a story of a friend. He suffered from “Asian flushing,” (you know the one where if they have a sip of alcohol they turn red). To make himself feel better he would go to the Benefit counter (of all places), and buy cover-up and foundation that would hide the discoloration (if he had… Read More

  8. Parabens: Fact or Fiction?

    Parabens are conspicuously “not” everywhere. Walking down any pharmacy aisle, one is assaulted by the number of labels boasting “paraben-free” labels. In an earlier article I had tackled the issues and non-issues regarding a number of other cosmetic additives and realized my glaring error in omitting parabens. Are parabens really dangerous enough to remove from… Read More

  9. Puffy Eyes – Best Tips From an Expert at Marmur Medical

    Florencia Jinchuk Student at Farleigh Dickinson University Being a cosmetic chemist, I have become something like a “beauty advisor” to all my friends looking for advice on what products to buy. One of the questions I am asked the most is how to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. So what can you… Read More

  10. Eating Tips for Clear Radiant Skin This Holiday Season

    Suzie Carpenter Clean Lean and Sexy Health Coaching As you open the envelope with your name handwritten in gold ink, it feels like you’ve just received a small gift. It’s an invitation to a holiday party. The party only happens once a year, and is the much anticipated highlight of the season. You feel giddy… Read More