Monthly Archives: December, 2013

  1. Eating Tips for Clear Radiant Skin This Holiday Season

    Suzie Carpenter Clean Lean and Sexy Health Coaching As you open the envelope with your name handwritten in gold ink, it feels like you’ve just received a small gift. It’s an invitation to a holiday party. The party only happens once a year, and is the much anticipated highlight of the season. You feel giddy… Read More

  2. What Cosmetics Should I Buy My Mom for the Holidays?

    My Mom has reached that age where she’s completely obsessed with lines and wrinkles and sags and puffiness, even though her face is basically devoid of any signs of aging. Being Chinese is half of the story, but the other half is she has always taken good care of her skin. I’m pretty sure she… Read More

  3. Marmur Metamorphosis

    Marmur Metamorphosis the ultimate skincare line products are serums and masks, simple to use, combining Natural + Tech + Beauty. Three serums and three masks, infused with protective and active ingredients called adaptogens, nourish and produce the appearance of beautiful, youthful skin. MM SERUMS Lightweight and silky ‘balm in gel’ texture, these treatments sink into the skin and… Read More