Monthly Archives: June, 2013

  1. Sunburned? Lessons Learned

    We’ve all been there. We have fallen asleep at the beach, lounged too long by the outdoor pool, missed “that spot” with sunscreen, or forgot to put the sunscreen on all together at some point in our lives. And yes, we have all suffered the consequences. Sunburns, as anyone who has experienced one can tell… Read More

  2. Putting the SPF-y (pronounced “spiffy”) back into Sunscreen

    Despite my mixed background, half Chinese and half Hungarian (of the gypsy variety), I have been dealt a rather, for lack of a better term, “absent” complexion. My skin has been compared to death warmed over, ruined several great family photos due to its photoluminescent properties, and said to be like that of the vampires… Read More

  3. This One Is For the Boys (and the Girls)

    Pseudofolliculitis barbae, known in the common tongue as “razor burn”, is a common and irritating condition that happens when shaving. The ingrown hairs that result from a super-aggressive shave session cause an inflammatory response and the subsequent red, raised bumps characteristic of “the burn”. Though many men believe razor burn is a malady only they… Read More

  4. Guilt-Free Makeup: How “Harmful” Cosmetic Additives are Not Causing Harm

    As a 20-something-year-old woman I have a very close relationship with my beauty products; I covet my Dior, I adore my Chanel, and I love my Fresh. However, as a doctor-in-training, I am convinced that this alliance I have with the cosmetic counters at Barney’s will somehow cause my demise due to the “toxicity” of… Read More