Monthly Archives: May, 2013

  1. Carrying Around the Dermatologist in your Pocket

    I was recently dragged kicking and screaming back into the age of technology. After moving, I had given up the idea of a smartphone until I realized I can’t live without a device that receives wireless internet wherever I go, tells me the weather when I wake up, finds the nearest Zagat-rated restaurant, acts as… Read More

  2. A Skin Check a Day Keeps the Cancer at Bay

    My skin type (fair and freckly) puts me in the so-called “high-risk” group for developing skin cancer. On top of wearing hats and sunglasses whenever the slightest ray of sun shines, I am also quite vigilant with the sunscreen. Fortunately, the last years of my education in graduate school (and now medical school) have made… Read More

  3. My family has a history of melanoma . . . what does this mean for me?

    I come from a family where one side is plagued by heart attacks, and the other afflicted by cancer. At the moment, my chances of surviving over the age of 60 are looking pretty slim. Thankfully, I seem to have inherited the low blood pressure and cholesterol of my cancer-afflicted side of the family, so… Read More