Previse Skin Care


Buying into a line of skin care is like starting a relationship. You better get cozy with the idea of commitment, because more than likely the skin care products you buy are going to last for a while. And just like asking your friends about that guy you’re seeing or thinking of seeing, getting advice on what skin care products to use is almost just as sketchy. Think about the last time you walked through a department store – samples being thrown at you at random, salespeople telling tantalizing tales about the products at hand, questions being asked that you have no idea how to answer like the dreaded, “What is your skin type: oily, combination or dry?” (I personally have no idea how to answer that question, usually give an ambivalent shrug and back away slowly.) And then we get into the questions of should I buy natural products only or does that chemical from Europe that is banned in the States really do the wonders they say? On and on it goes.

Well here’s a revolutionary thought. Let’s skip all the questions, dilemmas and enthusiastic salesmanship, and build a product line that is all natural and broken into categories of skin that actually makes sense. Welcome to Previse!

So first off, Previse does away with all the silly nonsense of oily, combination or dry, because I can go through all of those in one day. Instead, Previse breaks its products into categories based on the dermatologist’s skin typing system known as the Fitzpatrick Scale. The Fitzpatrick scale was developed at Harvard as a way of classifying skin based on its response to UV light; it includes components such as genetic disposition, amount of melanin (skin pigment), reaction to sun exposure and tanning habits. The Fitzpatrick scale breaks skin types into six categories: I for light/pale persons who almost always burn and never tan, II for fair people who usually burn and tan difficultly, III for medium/olive toned who mildly burn but will gradually tan, IV for darker olive skin that rarely burns and tans to a slight brown, V for dark brown that rarely burns and tans easily, and VI for dark brown/deeply pigmented skin that never burns but tans easily. Makes a lot of sense, right? So, Previse took skin typing a step further and decided to use the scale to create it’s four product lines 1+2, 3, 4+5, and 6 (or as I call them green, yellow, blue and red respectively). Let’s go through each line in detail.

Green (i.e. skin types I and II) uses green tea extract, algae and sunflower seed oil to clean, reduce redness and hydrate the skin. Fennel seed extract reduces the symptoms of UV erythema (that’s when you go out into the sun, and come back home looking as red as a lobster). Personally, I find the smell of leaves a little something to desire (I’m a big one of products that smell nice.) Yellow (i.e. skin type III) includes algae to moisturize and daisy flower extract to even skin tone. Again, fennel seed extract is added to reduce skin redness and peppermint oil is used for anti-microbial properties, as well as its smell (this one always reminds me of Christmas in a bottle). Blue (i.e. skin types IV and V) contains Saccharide isomerate for its humectant (moisture-holding) properties, therefore reducing dry skin and itching. Rosemary is added for anti-aging effects, honey as an anti-oxidant, and wasabi (shocking, I know) for anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-microbial results. Red (i.e. skin type VI) possesses panthenol (a.k.a. vitamin B5) to promote skin healing and healthy skin function. Olive oil derivatives hydrate the skin, while apricot oil calms inflammation. A hint of lavender rounds out the scent, making it my favorite smelling Previse line. If that wasn’t enough, each line is associated with a particular “mood”: green helps to reduce anxiety, yellow improves memory, blue creates contentment, and red increases relaxation.

Within each product category there is a line-up of three products — basically the commonly found wash, toner, and lotion combination. The wash is called the “Purify: biocatalyst solution” and is meant to remove excess oil, oil-soluble contaminants and exfoliate skin. The toner, known as the “Nutrify: liposomal tonic”, hydrates skin, fights free radicals and removes water-soluble contaminants. The lotion, named the “Defend: epidermis plus pre-sun solution”, prevents skin damage from UV radiation thereby helping to avoid sun-related skin damage and subsequent aging.

In addition to the general skin maintenance line of products, Previse has a sunscreen that is broad spectrum, water resistance for forty minutes, has an SPF 25, is hypoallergenic, and good for all skin types. It’s sheer quality makes it easy to apply and it doesn’t leave a white residue. In case that wasn’t enough, its winning feature (in my eyes) is that it also smells like grapefruit. And for those extra-dry days, there is a super-hydrating HydroBalm, which is silicone, paraben, phthalate, PEG and petroleum free. It was made to complement the “purify, nutrify, defend” system and comes in two flavors: thick for the winter months, and thin for spring and summer use.

So here it is, the super-line of skin care. It’s often impossible to find one line of skin care that does it all; I’ve often found myself running from counter to counter picking up lotion there and toner here. Previse has developed a simple, natural, easy to use line-up of products that smells great and is suitable for everyday. So go to Marmur Medical, find out what skin type you are, and try some Previse today!

Note: Previse is available at Marmur Medical. There is currently a promotion for Previse products: buy any 3 Previse products ($130 for the set) and get one free (worth up to $48 value). A great deal if you ask me! And if you’re not quite ready to commit to a relationship with your skin care, there are travel sizes perfect for trying out or buying to use while on vacation.

Written by:
Margit Lai Wun Juhasz
Mount Sinai Medical Student