Light Your Way to Your Most Gorgeous Skin

If you walk into our offices and take one thing away, I want it to be the concept of utilizing a vast array of techniques and technology within our practice – from tips like using antiperspirant on areas where you might develop an itch from sweating, to using LED technology to heal and improve everything from acne to insomnia and pain.

It’s no secret that LED devices offer us a multitude of benefits, but let’s rewind for a hot second. For years at Marmur Medical, the Blu-U device has been employed to treat patients with pre-cancerous lesions known as actinic keratoses (when used in conjunction with aminolevulinic acid) as well as patients with acne. Founder and President of Marmur Medical, Dr. Ellen Marmur, was running her busy medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology practice treating thousands of patients with the technology, and a lightbulb (no pun intended) went off – if patients are benefitting from solely the blue LED wavelength in the medical and cosmetic context, why not explore the rest of the rainbow in terms of wavelengths and all of their magnificent properties and attributions?! Low and behold, after 4 years of research, the MMSphere LED full spectrum light device was FDA cleared, patented and ready for use – all in the name of light activated cosmetic skincare! The clinical study results demonstrate a strong improvement in skin pores, texture, acne, brown spots, and wrinkles. I’ll take one for everyone in the whole family, thank you!

Meanwhile on the West Coast, Dr. Jacob Haiavy is a plastic surgeon working outside of Los Angeles. He has been using LED light therapy to aid in preventing the need to treat capsular contractures following breast augmentation surgeries. In his clinical studies, he prescribed a recommended regimen consisting of daily 30-minute treatment sessions for six weeks. Although the findings are not yet published, Dr. Haiavy stated that his patients were reporting being happier, having softer skin tissue, and declining or not needing additional surgery for capsular contractures. The following images depict the device being used over the face, the shoulder, and the back, but it should be noted that in this article the device is utilized over the axilla and chest area for the prophylactic treatment in preventing capsular contractures.


Much like the Celluma device, the MMSphere 2.0 boasts a wide range of uses and benefits. The blue light emits a diode at a wavelength of 465nm and has been clinically proven to increase memory, heighten alertness, and kill p. acnes bacteria. The blue light has a beautiful increased brightness setting which is great for the daytime or for a more intense treatment. The red light boasts three settings, with two (one brighter and one dimmer) solid diode settings at a wavelength of 625nm, as well as a heartbeat pulse. 33 beats per minute allow your mind to relax as a surge of dopamine is secreted within the frontal cortex. The solid red settings are used to increase collagen production which helps alleviate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances relaxation and promotes a restful night’s sleep. Fun fact!! In our practice, insomnia is a common issue among New Yorkers and our patients are obsessed with this setting!! Purple is the next color on the dial, and this is a blend of blue and red which makes the wavelength a combination of 465nm and 625nm. Purple is our courage color, and it is best used when needing a boost of bravery or power. The green light has a brighter and a dimmer setting as well, and emits a wavelength of 520nm. We use the green light for enhancing radiance, brightening the skin, anti-redness and anti-brown spots. The final color on the MMSphere is amber, which is emitted at a wavelength of 605nm and this color is used to enhance positivity and enhance your mood, just like a sun lamp. Ahhhh, feel the sun on your skin as the warmth wraps you up like a cuddly blanket and a big hug. Side note: We all need 8 hugs a day!! This is the blog that just keeps on giving! The more you know!


Much like the innovative use of the Celluma device for preventing capsular contracture surgery following breast augmentations, the MMSphere is brilliant and multi-faceted in its own right. Hundreds of users of the MMSphere have found even more creative benefits of its LED light therapy including reaping the benefits for better sleep due to insomnia, reducing migraines and headaches, improving energy and elevating one’s mood, reducing scars, and even knee pain reduction after a long day skiing! As I write this in early September 2020, it’s the first and ONLY FDA-approved, full-spectrum LED at-home light device created by a #BoardCertifiedDermatologist, and works on the user’s skin, mind, and wellbeing. We have had it patented and FDA-approved since June 2018 and it’s won multiple awards including the SHAPE Breakthrough Beauty award for 2020, Vogue’s 2018 Skincare Breakthrough master list, Hellogiggles’ Best Anti-Aging Device for 2020, and more! You can find all of the awards and accolades for the MMSphere at

Have a lovely September everyone! Can’t wait to see you around the offices in the city and in the Hamptons at our Watermill location on Fridays (through the end of October).

Until next time,

Nurse Lena ⚡

Lena Ladenheim, RN, BSN.
September 2020