Your Feelings are in Your Face

A patient testimonial by Emily Tepper:

Twice now I have come for treatment with Dr. Marmur and experienced exactly where beauty and wellness intersect. The drooping in my facial tissue was from difficult emotional experiences from my past. The solution I needed was not to process or analyze or feel them anymore, but to remove the frown lines and marks from my face! Every time I looked in the mirror, I would re-experience past painful feelings that were complete and no longer needed to be experienced. Now, I have a very positive and beautiful experience when I look into the mirror because I see my true self and how positive and loving I truly feel after my sessions with Dr. Marmur.

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Face Transplants- A Second Chance at Life

  The extreme disfigurement of a face by trauma, burns or birth defects has long been the realm of horror films (think Freddy Kreuger). There is something about the disfigurement of a face that evokes a revulsion and fear that mutation of a limb or other part of the body would not. Sadly, for those who have suffered such disfigurement, the distress is far from merely cosmetic. Patients who have experienced loss of part or the entirety of their face have difficulty with breathing, eating, speaking, sight and taste. They most often cannot smile or express other facial emotions and

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New Hope For Alopecia Patients

  My name is Tova Younger and I am a Physician Assistant student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. I am thrilled to be spending my Dermatology rotation at Marmur Medical, where a broad range of dermatologic conditions are treated. Today, I’d like to discuss hair. We have all heard of the phrase “Having a great hair day”, which means feeling great about the way we look and having the confidence to tackle anything that comes our way. But some of us don’t get to enjoy great hair days. Fifty six million Americans suffer from hair loss, also known as alopecia.

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Walking the Catwalk

  Backstage at the Carmen Marc Valvo NYFW show! Lights, facial. . . and action. Everyone knows that behind a flawless red carpet complexion is great make-up and an even better skin-care regimen. Now, to preface this piece, I’ve been on my surgery rotation for the past two months and life has been a relentless “scrubs and Uggs” sort of deal. Since life has been rather mundane from a fashionista’s point of view, you can only imagine how excited I was to be invited to be a part of Carmen Marc Valvo’s show at New York Fashion Week and the

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Dr. Marmur’s Anti-Acne Signature Mediterranean Salad

  You are what you eat. So what should you eat if you have acne prone skin? Dr. Ellen Marmur developed a signature Mediterranean salad to help fight back against your acne. Not only is the salad yummy, but it will also… • Give you a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and hydration that enhance absorption of the nutrition. • Take away the “junk food temptation” at lunch time when you just don’t know what you want to eat. • Provide hydration and fiber to keep your body in balance and enhance fat loss. • Provide

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