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Dr. Marmur’s Anti-Acne Signature Mediterranean Salad

  You are what you eat. So what should you eat if you have acne prone skin? Dr. Ellen Marmur developed a signature Mediterranean salad to help fight back against your acne. Not only is the salad yummy, but it will also… • Give you a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and amino acids and hydration that enhance absorption of the nutrition. • Take away the “junk food temptation” at lunch time when you just don’t know what you want to eat. • Provide hydration and fiber to keep your body in balance and enhance fat loss. • Provide

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Snails – The Future of Facials

  I may be a little slow on the uptake for this new fad in skin care, but I think I was just in denial. Remember Fear Factor? It was that show in the early 2000s where people had to eat live bugs. To this day, you could not possibly pay me enough money to go near (much less eat) a live, crawling slug. However, in Japan (and other parts of the world now) people are paying inordinate amounts of money for snail facials – people are paying money to have snails crawl all over their face and place that

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