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Eating Tips for Clear Radiant Skin This Holiday Season

Suzie Carpenter Clean Lean and Sexy Health Coaching   As you open the envelope with your name handwritten in gold ink, it feels like you’ve just received a small gift. It’s an invitation to a holiday party. The party only happens once a year, and is the much anticipated highlight of the season. You feel giddy just thinking about the chance to wear those sparkly heels and little black dress. It’s a time to shine and be seen.   Deciding what to wear, will it fit and also look smashingly good, can be a big enough challenge without having to

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What Cosmetics Should I Buy My Mom for the Holidays?

  My Mom has reached that age where she’s completely obsessed with lines and wrinkles and sags and puffiness, even though her face is basically devoid of any signs of aging. Being Chinese is half of the story, but the other half is she has always taken good care of her skin. I’m pretty sure she started the anti-aging regimen when she was in her thirties and it’s really paid off. So what are the best anti-aging regimens that fit in a stocking?   Olie Biologique Pure Argan Oil with 23K Gold: Before I came along and started eating up

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Previse Skin Care

  Buying into a line of skin care is like starting a relationship. You better get cozy with the idea of commitment, because more than likely the skin care products you buy are going to last for a while. And just like asking your friends about that guy you’re seeing or thinking of seeing, getting advice on what skin care products to use is almost just as sketchy. Think about the last time you walked through a department store – samples being thrown at you at random, salespeople telling tantalizing tales about the products at hand, questions being asked that

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