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Itch – The New Frontier

  Itch is probably the most frequently experienced sensation within a human lifetime. I, for one, know I experience it on a regular basis whether it is a bug-bite, contact dermatitis (exposure to metal, plant-based chemicals such as urishiol from poison ivy/oak/sumac), sunburn, or eczema. For many patients, itch may be a sign of a more worrying, underlying issue such as renal failure, liver disease, allergies (to food, to medication, to the environment), cancer, phantom sensations, diabetes, stress, emotional distress, or other neurologic disturbances. In fact, itch is so pervasive in our lives that the thought of itch may cause

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Who is the freckliest of them all?

  Thanks to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Stone, freckles are making a comeback. Even with this great news, my facial freckles are somewhat of a sore point with me, when it comes to my overall complexion and appearance. Though my family tried to alleviate my freckle misgivings by telling me, “They’re cute,” or, “They’ll make you seem younger for longer,” in my formative years, I often wondered what I did in a previous life to deserve freckles. Since entering my twenties, I’ve learned to come to terms with the things I cannot change (or can I?), and accept

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