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The Curse of the Celts

  I flush really easily, including “blushing because I feel I’m blushing already” (once I start, it’s a downward spiral). This leads to unfortunate experiences like my thesis defense, in which I was an embarrassing shade of hot pink for the entire period. Thankfully, I know this is not an affliction I suffer alone. Everyone blushes, so we all know how blushing feels. Now imagine that sensation constantly and times it by a thousand – that’s what having rosacea would feel like. I fear with my many blushing triggers, I could easily develop rosacea in the near future. So what

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The Kitchen Cupboard Solution to Dry Skin

  My mother is obsessed with skin. After some twenty-odd years of her influence, it is no wonder that I too am obsessed with skin. For years of my life, I have listened to her dos and don’ts of skincare including the Chinese housewives’ tales of what is good for your skin or what is not (many a time I have turned away food I didn’t want to eat just to hear, “Eat —— , it’s good for your skin”). Because of my science background and my need for evidence-based fact, I disregarded her opinions regarding congee and bird’s nest

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Thou Shalt Not Pop

  I am probably the first person to admit I may have some obsessive compulsive tendencies, especially when it comes to popping things. As a child, I had the disturbing habit of popping all the un-bloomed fuchsia blossoms on the plants in the garden (I think I have finally resolved this issue). But even now, if given a piece of bubble wrap, I will pop every bubble on that sucker. So when I see a pimple on my face, it takes a 1000 Jiminy Crickets and all the self-control in the world to not start popping. When I hit that

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